The Cardinal Points of Business(c)

Cardinal Point-North

             Delivering an Exceptional Experience

Historically, as detailed in Michael Porter's seminal book Competitive Strategies, businesses have competed in three generic arenas of competitive strategy: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. 

Today, however, Consumers are attracted to a Fourth Economic Value...the Experience They Receive from Your Product or Service.

The Experience You Delivery & How It Makes Your Customers/Clients Feel are directly related to their level of Satisfaction & Engagement...and by extension, your brand.

Delivering an Exceptional Experience has Never been more Important. ​

​A few years ago, Bain & Co. surveyed 362 companies and found that 80% of the executives surveyed believed they delivered a superior experience to their customers.

When surveyors asked the customers of those companies the same question, astoundingly, only 8% felt they received Superior Experience. Closing the Delivery Gap, Bain & Co. 2005

At True North, Consumer Experience and Engagement is our North Cardinal Point for the obvious reason…without consumers, none of us would be in business.  

Understanding how our organizations “measure up” to your customer's expectations and experiences are keys to planning for and delivering exceptional execution.

The beginning point of the True North Executive Coaching & Consulting service is providing

you with an understanding of where your customers stand relative to their experience with your brand.  Much like the title of the Bain & Co. study, we begin by providing each client with an objective assessment of their Experience Delivery Gap.

As a certified CX Pro by one of the premier thought leaders in Customer Experience (CX) we work with leadership & appropriate team members through our coaching & consulting process to develop and improve the CX journey of your customers, then help you set up the True North CX Performance Measurement & Monitoring System to help you measure & monitor improvements, Value & ROI.

Call us to discuss an independent assessment of the experience you are currently delivering.


Leadership determines the direction & focus of our metaphorical business compass to the area in most need of attention. At any given point in the business journey, leadership can direct the organization towards improving the customers' experience, enhancing employee engagement, or increasing brand awareness.  Sometimes, however, the direction that is needed is in Leadership Effectiveness or continued development for the next generation of leaders.  Improving the level of Emotional Intelligence of your leadership team can help.

In January 2018, The World Economic Forum published their Future Jobs Report listing the Top 10 Job Skills needed by the year 2020 for what they called “The Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution.”


Emotional Intelligence was listed #6; what was more revealing was that 5 of the other job skills listed in the report were directly related to the core competencies found in emotionally intelligent leaders.


Emotional Intelligence has many definitions, most of which, revolve around one central theme: our ability to regulate and recognize emotions in ourselves and others.

A study by Hay McBer Associates found that of 3,781 employees completing their survey,

50% - 70% of employees’ perceptions of their working climate was directly linked to the Emotional Intelligent Characteristics of their leaders. 

We are proud to be certified by Genos International, as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.  Genos, founded in 2002 by Dr. Benjamin Palmer, is a leading global Emotional Intelligence Assessment firm.  To learn more about Genos and the work we do please visit Genos International their website at

Today Brand Management and Brand Experience are just as important, if not more so

than Brand Awareness.

At True North, we work with our clients to align their Vision, Value, Mission, and Brand Promise Statements with the core competencies found in The Cardinal Points of Business© helping our clients craft a Brand Awareness Strategy focused on what matters most...customer satisfaction.  Expand your Brand Awareness by alignment with and implementing the Cardinal Points of Business (c). 

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