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What builds Brand Awareness, advertising, great tag-lines, community involvement, or the experience customers have when they use your service or product?  If the experience is good, the consumer is likely to repeat the purchase.  If it is not a good experience, as Sam Walton once said, “customers vote with their feet.”


If the customer/client is repeatedly satisfied with their experience they are likely to become an advocate of your brand and tell others.  If the experience is repeatedly poor, then the same thing happens…only with different results.  They pan your product or service and your brand every chance they get.  And today that problem is magnified by the fact that they can reach literally thousands of their “closest friends” with a few lines in a post, and a quick keystroke.

Today Brand Management and Brand Experience are just as important,

if not more important than Brand Awareness.

At True North, we work with our clients to align their Vision, Value, Mission, and Brand Promise Statements with the core competencies found in The Cardinal Points of Business© helping our clients craft a Brand Awareness Strategy focused on what matters most...customer satisfaction. 


Expand your Brand Awareness by alignment with and implementing the Cardinal Points of Business (c). 


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